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FLASK - Floor Lamp

FLASK - Floor Lamp

SKU: 0073



The Erlenmeyer flask for a science experiment became lighting. The lower part of the flask which is the lamp shade is sandblasted and it looks like a solution is in the flask. FLASK is designed with the technique of “ready-made”, and it takes advantage of the charm of the form which are laboratory instruments as utility.The pedestal and support of the table and floor lamp also use customized actual lab ware.


FLASK - Pendant Lamp
FLASK - Table Lamp

  • デザイン

  • 材質

    ガラス(三角フラスコ) / スチール/ 理科実験器具

  • サイズ

    W195 D275 H1540mm コード4000mm

  • 生産国


  • 備考

    E17 max 40w

  • 送料


  • レーベル


  • JAN


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